As you have likely heard, New Mexico has lifted restrictions on church attendance, allowing congregations to gather at 100% capacity.  As I understand the decision it was made in response to court challenges of government controls on religious activities and affirms rights of religious freedom.  It is not a decision related to changes in COVID restrictions.

At this time the Session has not changed its policy related to in-person activities.  The Session is discussing that issue, having devoted a great deal of time to the topic at its last meeting and scheduled a special meeting focused on the issue on May 4.  The Session takes this issue very seriously, as it has throughout this difficult time.  Your Elders continue to hold the concern for the health and well-being of each member as primary and seek to balance that concern with the life and ministry of our congregation.  We are grateful for the input we are receiving and continue to welcome ideas and information that will assist us in this work of discernment.  Even more we are grateful for your continued prayers.

Like each of you, I look forward to each step that moves us safely back into natural patterns of congregational life.  I am also filled with an even deeper appreciation for the grace and love of our remarkable community.

Grace and peace, Tom