New COVID Guidance

Come as you are and know you are loved.

Those nine words touch the heart of Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church, shape our identity and inform our call as a particular expression of the Body of Christ.

We believe we are called to engage each person in a full and vibrant life of faith, especially as it finds expression in community.

That call is realized as we utilize opportunities to safely step into our common life as a church.

In the midst of the current pandemic, we hear that as a call to care for the most vulnerable in our midst and we look to medical and scientific resources to guide us.

We are grateful for the availability of booster shots, in-home test kits, and increasingly effective treatments to support a nuanced return to communal life.

We encourage each person who engages in in-person activities to get vaccinated, boosted, and wear a mask. That said, we recognize each individual’s right to make those choices. We continue to expect all in-person participants to respect the rules of social distancing and the rights of individuals with regard to their personal space, health needs, and concerns. If an individual is symptomatic or has reason to believe they may have become infected they should follow Covid protocol and not participate in in-person activities until it is safe to do so.

Additionally, we require those volunteering in roles that put them in close contact with others at the church to be vaccinated, boosted, and wear masks. This includes volunteers in the nursery, children’s ministry, sound booth, greeters, fellowship hosts, and communion servers.

Because the worship leaders, including the pastors, choir and band members, can function at a safe distance from others while at the pulpit or performing, and due to the difficulty in understanding them while wearing masks, they will be allowed to remove their masks while speaking or performing.