2022 Annual Report

Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church

2022 Annual Report

Come as you are, know you are loved!

Your session members and pastors each sent in a reflection on their areas of ministry focus. We can celebrate together all the ways that God was at work through us over the past year.

Adult Christian Growth Committee

We began using the Feasting on the Word curriculum, which follows the Scripture text used in worship each Sunday. This allowed members to dive deeper into God’s Word, reflecting on what they heard during worship through discussion and exercises. This class thrives under strong lay leadership.

We had Jim Collie come in May to teach Presbyterianism 101, and he helped people get excited about the Book of Order – quite a feat! The committee decided to return to in person Sunday classes over the summer, and we saw an increase in participation. We offered Scripture meditation groups during the week led by our Associate Pastor Sarah. Transitional Pastor Frank taught a class on Gratitude during our November stewardship season.

Committee members: Carl Boaz, Beverly Garrett, Don Pamerleau, John Sewell, Frank Yates, Sarah Chivington-Buck

Children’s Ministry Committee

SOTV’s children’s ministry continues to grow using the stories from Godly Play.  We have added some extension stories so the children can deepen their understanding of the stories of God.  We recruited an additional door person, which is critical to the success of our program.  Our Associate Pastor Sarah has introduced Godly Play stories to our congregation on 3 different occasions.  These stories were well received by the congregation, and it was exciting to watch the children model how to participate in the stories.  We are continuing to help the children of SOTV learn the stories of God.

Elder Deb Moya

Finance/Property/Stewardship (FPS) Committee

The committee members are Frank Yates, Sarah Chivington-Buck, Mike Leach, John Sewell, Craig Mapel, Jan Lesslie, Charlie Garcia, Bryan Beck, and Judy Patchell.  In 2022, long time finance chair, Don Pamerleau, resigned leaving Judy Patchell (who is the current finance elder) as the new chair.  With the goal of creating greater efficiency the Finance Committee joined forces with the Property and Stewardship committees.  This resulted in the addition of two new members, Charlie Garcia from Property and Bryan Beck from Stewardship.

The committee meets monthly to review and discuss the monthly financial reports that are provided by the church administrator, Jan Lesslie.  Jan keeps accurate, and timely records.  Then the Session receives the financials electronically for further review and discussion.  All FPS recommendations must be approved by the Session.

We accomplished some important tasks regarding the stewardship of our property:

  • Replaced HVAC units on the portables
  • Repaired the roof of the preschool and office
  • 4 front parking lot lights were reconnected, following theft of copper wiring
  • Added a variety of security measures – security cameras, secure door hinges, a doorbell camera and intercom system for the office door.
  • We completed negotiations for a mineral lease that was given to the church, and received a payment of $16,000

The congregation at SOTV is faithful and continues to support the church with its time, talents and donations.

We look forward with excitement to 2023 as SOTV begins its search for a new pastor.

Respectfully yours,

Elder Judy Patchell

Nominating Committee

Thanks to the 6 members of Shepherd of the Valley who have graciously served on this committee this year: Stephen Nelson, Georgia Pedro, Judy Burchiel, Doug Tarr and Wayne Rees, under the guidance of Associate Pastor Sarah Chivington-Buck, Bridge Pastor Trey Hammond and Transitional Pastor Frank Yates.  This committee took great effort to prayerfully seek out members of the congregation with special talents and skills to fill and facilitate 10 areas of service or committees:  Outreach Elder, Children’s Ministry Elder, Youth Elder, Adult Education Elder, Nominations Elder, Finance Elder, Personnel Elder, Grounds & Property Elder, Hospitality Deacons and Pastoral Deacons.  The Nominating Committee’s main goal was to discern God’s calling of talented people to run and maintain our church as a Body of Christ.

I believe we met the goal.

Elder Janice Beck

Outreach Committee

La Luz Elementary School/SHINE

*Ongoing staff & program support, as requested

*Monthly Feed the Kids

*Attendance cupcakes

*Staff “welcome back” breakfast

*Teacher and staff appreciation days

Project Linus

*Provide funds for the purchase of batting & yarn

*Liaison to deliver blankets to the Westside Family Shelter, Wings for Life, Rio Grande Food Project/Presbyterian church clothing bank, and to 2nd Pres church for immigrants traveling thru NM to their respective sponsors.

Angel Tree

*Served 16 families to provide a clothing and toy gift to children who have an incarcerated parent.  Included with the gifts were food bags for a holiday meal and a tin of cookies baked by the SOTV Preschool families.  This was our 1st in person Angel Tree event since 2019.

Trunk or Treat

*2nd Annual event held in the north (back) parking lot with games and fun for the neighboring community, La Luz, and SOTV Preschool families.

Laundry Love

*With a connection thru a La Luz staff member, some outreach members helped with an evening event of Laundry Love.  With this we assisted an out-of-state youth group who was providing free laundry supplies and money for all machines to anyone coming to do their laundry at a laundromat on 4th Street.  Be on the lookout for a similar event to be sponsored by us very soon!

Financial Support

*Heading Home           *Rio Grand Food Project        *Peanut Butter & Jelly Preschool

*Cuidando los Ninos *NM wildfire Relief Fund       *Synod Ukraine Relief Fund

Elder Lorrie Stepetic

Personnel Committee (PC)

The year 2022 has been a busy year filled with challenges beginning with our pastor’s announcement that, for health reasons, he needed to leave the ministry. The PC began work on making sure he was provided for in his transition process, then onto making recommendations to hire a bridge pastor, and developing our Mission Information Form (MIF) for hiring a transitional pastor. Within weeks we lost our music director, nursery lead person, and the (previously announced) retirement of our pre-school director. Our successes have been hiring Frank Yates (thank you, search committee) as our transitional pastor; finding a nursery lead; music director; AND updating SOTV’s personnel handbook to be compliant with New Mexico Healthy Workplaces Act that went into effect 7-1-22.

Thank you to the congregation for your support and validation.

Elder Beverly Garrett; Committee Members Maggie Leach, Sally Schneider, and Eric Shelton

SOTV Preschool Report

Our long-time founder and Director, Holly Savage, retired in 2022 after 38 years of dedicated service to our preschool.  Our search for a new Interim Director resulted in the hiring of Julianna Strong, who, with the support of the whole preschool staff (and especially Laurie Taylor), has successfully adapted to her new role.  The preschool is at student capacity and maintains a waiting list for the 2023-2024 school year.  Post-COVID has seen the re-emergence of a strong Family Engagement Group, i.e., parents of enrolled children, and many of the traditional activities have come back.  We look forward to the congregation’s support of the always delightful Pasketti Dinner on Friday, April 14th.

John Sewell, Board Moderator

Worship Committee

In October 2022 I became Worship Elder and began attending worship meetings with Frank, Sarah, and our music leaders – Carlie, Jennifer and Evan. After discussions with Sarah and Frank, we determined that a worship committee would be a welcomed addition to SOTV’s leadership team. The focus of the committee will be to ensure routine tasks are completed before and after worship, preparation of communion, and other worship- related activities.  I began the process of recruiting committee members, which currently includes myself, Dick Kuncel, Ellyn Medrano, Stew Fischer and Tony Chaves.  Kathleen Weston serves as our advisor.

Thank you, once again, for all you do for ALL of us.

Elder Annette Martinez

Associate Pastor Report

I am honored that I got to walk with this amazing church through all that happened in 2022. You are such a resilient, compassionate, vibrant church family. I am so proud of all of you stepping up, taking on leadership roles, pitching in to help cover the many aspects of our ministry here at SOTV. We experienced together how faithful God is to guide us through difficult times.

The Holy Spirit was indeed at work, as I was in the midst of a Transitional Ministry class in the Spring of last year. I completed the second part of this training in the Fall, and it has been an incredible opportunity to put into practice what I learned. It was my honor to accompany those who lost loved ones in planning memorial services, and visiting with those who were ill or struggling. I experienced great joy in getting to share Godly Play stories with you during worship services and working with the children. I get to reflect deeply on Scripture each month with members as I lead the Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer groups.

I had the privilege of seeing your gifts shine as I worked with the deacons, adult education committee, nominating committee, and children’s ministry committee. I can sense continued growth of enthusiasm and commitment in our church as we come back from Covid and from all the staff turnover of the past year. I am truly excited to see where God leads us in this next season of our life as a church community.

Grace and peace,


Transitional Pastor Report

Dear SOTV Community,  Since becoming your Transitional Pastor on October 9, 2022, I have felt your warm welcome and encouragement. The Session and the leaders of the congregation have been wonderfully helpful and receptive. And I want to thank especially the church staff-Sarah, Wanda and Jan-for being so kind and generous. I would also add that my wife Sharon and my son Walker have also felt your loving embrace. All of you have been quite delightful and for that I am incredibly grateful. It makes me very hopeful for your future.

Since coming aboard, I have tried to focus on our Sessional leadership and ministry. Our Session'[s clerk  John Sewell is amazing and keeps us all on task. Thank you, John!  With Sarah’s help, we have tried to channel some of our work into Sessional committees. For instance, we have formed a Worship Committee, a Membership and Evangelism Committee, and a Stewardship Committee. And wonderful leaders have stepped forward to make these committees a reality.

We have also helped form a Transitional Team to guide us through this interim period. Already we have had a Potluck Luncheon where people celebrated our rich heritage as well as naming some of their great hopes for our life together. This Team is terrific and will be reaching out to the congregation for more input. I truly hope you will respond willingly and enthusiastically.

So I pray that by the grace of God, we can help SOTV move forward in this season of change as we look forward to what God has in store for us. Thank you for your love and prayers and encouragement and guidance. Thanks be to God!   Frank