Church Engagement

Our church and its ministries are active and working during this new season in which we find ourselves. We know that each of you has unique skills and interests, and each of you is an important part of our community. It is more challenging to find ways to become engaged as we are not meeting in person. So we wanted to highlight the wide variety of ministry areas that allow our church to be a thriving place of faith. We hope that you will find this informative.

Many of these ministries are taking different forms during our current circumstances, and we can use people with energy and creativity to help us continue and expand these important aspects of who we are called to be as the church. So we also ask that if you read of an area where you have interest and skill, reply to this email so we can help you become engaged in life-giving ways. Or if you know people in the congregation who you think would be a good fit for one of these ministry areas, please send in their names.

We will start this week with what we call the support ministries of our church: Finance, Personnel, and Building and Grounds.  Did you ever think of looking at a balance sheet as ministry? What about participating in a staff review? Or fixing a fence? All of these are important ministries that allow our church to flourish.


  • Advises the session on how to best use our financial resources to fund our vision
  • Participates in year-round stewardship initiatives
  • Provides a monthly report to session of the financial picture
  • Tracks the church’s investments

Personnel Ministry 

  • Advocates for and nurturing staff members
  • Provides a system for annual staff reviews
  • Advises about fair compensation and staff raises
  • Addresses personnel issues that arise

Building and GroundsMinistry

  • Ensures our facility is in good condition to be used to support our mission
  • Organizes maintenance and repairs of the facility
  • Coordinates use of our facility by outside groups