Stepping Into Our Open Church

Dear family,

On Tuesday the Session unanimously joined in the decision that it is time to step into in-person activities at the church, beginning with worship.  You are invited to join in our 2021 Pentecost Sunday worship service (9:30 AM, both in-person and on Zoom).

I, like you, have been anticipating this opportunity for the last 14 months and I am grateful to the Session for their care, thoughtfulness, and faith both in this discussion and equally in their steadfast care for the church and the broader community through this pandemic.

It has been a hard road and each month the members of the Session, your fellow members, have gathered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit lead them.  I have watched their struggle and marveled at their faith.  Their prayer is to get it right, and in that is the recognition that we are not yet at the end of all of this, but thanks to each of you we have made it to this new day.

As we take this step, I ask you to join me in prayer as we remember all we have been through, all those who have been lost, all the cost, and all the gifts, as we look forward to all that is ahead.  I ask you to support the plan the Session has made and to honor their prayerful work on our behalf.  I encourage you to get vaccinated and, if you are willing, to let us know if you are not so we can make special accommodations for your health and safety.  If we don’t know who has, it will require us to using a spacing pattern that assumes the community is unvaccinated and greatly reduces our activities and seating capacity.

Finally, over the coming days, more information about our policies and practices will be made available.  Also, we will be asking for volunteers to help with various tasks we need to accomplish by the 23rd.  For now, mark your calendar with a big red Pentecost circle: May 23, 9:30 AM.

Grace and peace, Tom